Impact Leadership is a platform for young impact leaders. Our Impact Leadership Series is an interactive dialogue event series hosted by the Global Shapers Stockholm on what it means to be an impact leader and how we tackle current local and global challenges. Join us in exploring and tackling tough questions on how to build a society where people and the planet prosper.

Impact Leadership Series event poster for April 12 - Circular Fashion

Circular Fashion

Alma Riihelä is an online marketing and brand strategist with years of experience in the retail and e-commerce industry. Alma is a Commercial Lead at Sellpy – Sweden’s largest e-commerce for pre-loved items. One of the key messages Alma and Sellpy are channeling to its customers is that there is tremendous financial, social, and environmental value in ensuring unused clothing items are used again.

What if clothes could be planted as trees? What if we didn’t need to produce new garments yet ensure everyone had what they needed? Join us for an interactive discussion on sustainability, circularity, and the future of fashion.