Impact Leadership is a platform for young impact leaders. Our Impact Leadership Series is an interactive dialogue event series hosted by the Global Shapers Stockholm on what it means to be an impact leader and how we tackle current local and global challenges. Join us in exploring and tackling tough questions on how to build a society where people and the planet prosper.


Meet Kajsa Fernström Nåtby, Head of Section, International Division, Climate Unit, at the Ministry of Climate and Enterprise. Some know her as Sweden’s youngest climate negotiator and others as an avid – and creative – low-carbon traveler. Whether taking a cargo ship across the Atlantic or the train to Spain, she has climate on her mind. For Kajsa, it’s not only a concern but her career. Today she is actively involved in shaping discussions at the UNFCCC for Sweden and knows a thing or two about climate, impact, and policy—time to dig in.