Impact Leadership is a platform for young impact leaders. Our Impact Leadership Series is an interactive dialogue event series hosted by the Global Shapers Stockholm on what it means to be an impact leader and how we tackle current local and global challenges. Join us in exploring and tackling tough questions on how to build a society where people and the planet prosper.

Democratizing Business

Sabinor Haas Lönnroth has a background in pedagogy, psychology, and English, having studied at Stockholm University. She’s worked as Market Manager for QuizRR, a startup working on supporting workers’ rights in developing countries, Client Relationship Manager at Tekniksprånget & Jobbsprånget, an initiative increasing access to the job market for immigrants moving to Sweden, as well as working with partnerships and fundraising at Teach for Sweden.

She’s now spearheading F1RST, an initiative by the Stockholm School of Economics and Daniel Sachs Foundation, as program director. F1RST is a community empowering young talents to take control of their future. Through support, networking, and inspiring activities, they want to help more people take their first steps to a successful career in business. F1RST democratizes the business world by broadening recruitment to the Stockholm School of Economics and other colleges and universities that educate future leaders.